Wealth does not pass three generations

I came across an interesting Chinese proverb and thought I'd share: "Fu bu guo san dai" Literally: Wealth does not pass three generations. Meaning: It's rare that the wealth of a family can last for three generations (the 2nd may see the value of hard work, but the 3rd forgets it). Explanation: In business, the [...]

BlackBerry Firewall Settings

If you are a web host, ISP or a network service provider serving BlackBerry users, you may be interested in adding the IPs mentioned on BlackBerry Technical Solution Center KB11036 to your firewalls' whitelist. Special thanks to Ali Shariff of Double Click Consulting for the above link.

Securing PHP application from malicious scripts

If you've stumbled across this post, then you've recently become a victim of the most famous way of uploading a malicious script to a website - PHP file uploads. Read through this article to understand the problem and an easy solution to add an extra layer of security to your web application.