Words of Wisdom

Success is not how far you get but…

“Success is not how far you get, but the distance you travel from where you started.”

Today, I came across this well said proverb while watching one of my favorite TV shows, Numb3rs – the 6th season. I often come across such words of wisdom from many different places which I’ll be posting it up on my blog. Stay tuned.


The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions
The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

I stumbled across this infographic on Information in Beautiful. It illustrates the Hierarchy of Digital Distractions. I’m quite amazed with this infographic and find it very true. How true do you find this? Click on the image to see this infographic in its original size.

Tip: start from the bottom. 🙂

Search Engine Optimization

Help! I’m using wordpress and my site disappeared from all search engines.

After a really long time of absence in maintaining my own personal website, I decided to install wordpress blog to get my site back online quickly. Without going over the settings thoroughly, I was happy that my site was back online quickly. I started blogging and hoping my blog posts would have a good impact on search engine results. Unfortunately, my site disappeared from search engines completely!

If you recently installed wordpress and are wondering why your site is not on any search engines, the culprit is the privacy options in wordpress. By default – it is set to reject all search engines besides normal visitors by setting the robots meta tag to noindex, nofollow.

The good thing is that it’s really easy to fix this. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be on your way to wait for Google & other search engine bots to crawl your site again.

  1. Log into WordPress Administration Area (wp-admin)
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy
  3. Select: I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers
  4. Save settings

I hope this helps.

Happy Blogging!