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I recently purchased Airwick Freshmatic automatic freshener. When it ran out, I picked up some re-fills which were more affordable than the same brand. Unfortunately, the replacements were short in height and wouldn’t work.

I took it to TinkerCAD to design a simple model that acts as a base or spacer for the replacement re-fills. TinkerCAD is an easy to use 3D modeling online software.

I started out with measuring the can base diameter which was 65mm, and the inner diameter was 62mm. I placed a cylinder with 65mm diameter, and a semi-circle of 62mm above it. After some ‘tinkering’ with the heights, I ended up with my final model. Once done, TinkerCAD allows you to export your model directly to STL format.

Thereafter, I had to do was drop it into Ultimaker Cura – which is a 3D printing software that generates gcode format which is basically a set of instructions your 3D printer understands.

Using handy Octoprint running on Raspberry Pi, I uploaded the gcode and let it print. Octoprint records amazing timelapse video of your print.

Once the print was ready, it was time to test out the final build. The replacement re-fills now just sits on this spacer and works perfectly.

Watch the process in the video below.

➡️ Download 3D Model: