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A web address, also called a domain name, is the starting point of a web presence.

They’re registered for minimum duration of 1 year upto 5 to 10 years in depending on the extension. A dot TZ can be registered for 5 years where as generic ones like a dot COM can be for 10 years.

Some registration providers like Extreme Web Technologies include free domain name service (DNS) with every domain that is registered, with an option of premium DNS if you require it.

Don’t have a domain yet? Head on to to register yours today! It’s fast, easy and takes a couple of minutes with online payments.

Editors Note: This article was written by Mohsin Sumar (@mohsinsumar) who is the Founder and CEO of Extreme Web Technologies. Mohsin with his Customer Happiness team constantly strive to deliver top notch quality web hosting in Tanzania.

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